Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights
Indoor Or Outdoor & Professional Grade


…seeks to provide the highest of quality grow lights available, indoor, outdoors… for home use or industrial. With the expertise of Spectrasis, you’ll find a lasting, effective lighting solution for any size operation. Every model we sell is made with the most up-to-date LED technology installed and is designed to be upgraded so when massive leaps in LED efficiency or light purity are achieved, you can keep pace with the rest of the industry. 

We’re lighting professionals who know the difference that finely engineered LED lights make in growing your crops. Cultivating plants at scale while keeping the quality is a science that requires exacting specifications which is why we only sell SpectraFX Series lighting. Whether it’s cannabis, exotic herbs, or vegetables, the frequency and purity of the light matters and a random LED grow light manufactured with old technology, bought in bulk by a random distributor isn’t going to give you the results that you want.

“I have to say, that I am very impressed with the results I have gotten and very excited about the potential these have to offer.”

Spectra FX Grower

The SpectraFX LED Lighting Series exemplifies Spectrasis’ dedication to providing the highest quality LED grow lighting solutions. With an emphasis on mechanical design, thermal management, optical design, and spectral acuity, we’re proud to offer the best LED grow lights available in the SpectraFX LEDs.

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