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Having the best LED lighting solutions for horticulture means being on the cutting edge of LED technology. If an LED manufacturer is just pumping out the same lights and lightstrips year after year with the least costly parts, they are losing out on efficiencies and advances that every year brings. Lumalex and their SpectraFX LED Lighting series recognizes the value of constant innovation and continues to push the boundaries of what you can expect from a full spectrum LED growing solutions. 

The SpectraFX LED Lighting Series is so effective because of unmatched engineering, design and forethought that goes into each light. Every light was developed to deliver the exact necessary wavelengths of light needed to not just grow crops but to accelerate that growth and improve your plant yields.

LED technology dramatically improves every 12 – 18 months. More efficient drivers, different bulb shapes, new PCBs, and updated capabilities for an ever-expanding list of applications. SpectraFX LED Light series is built to keep pace with these innovations wherein you can replace parts of each light with the newest technology. So instead of buying a new light every 4 – 6 years to get the latest and greatest in PCBs, you can buy the components that matter most and swap out the older parts in your SpectraFX. 

If you don’t want or need to upgrade as you go and would like to set it and forget, the SpectraFX LED series are more durable and long-lasting. The industry-standard test for the longevity of a bulb, the L70 test, which measures the amount of time it takes a light source to degrade to 70% of its original output, has shown that SpectraFX LED lights last at least 143,000 hours. That’s about 16 years, while competitor LED lights will only last 3 – 6 years until showing a noticeable dimming. Learn more about the different model options that are right for you and upgrade to professional-grade LED grow lights.

Best Used for:

  •  Indoor/Greenhouse
  • Medical Grow Facilities
  • Home/Recreational Growers

View the SpectraFX Series Comparison Table below for specification differences.

NOTE: The indoor specifications for the 650i & 320i grow lights are slightly different from the 650G & 320G.
Please call (303-525-6079) for more information.

Product SpecificationsSpectraFX 650GSpectraFX 320GSpectraFX 40P
Model No.LHL-650G-FSLHL-320G-FSLHL-40G
Weight15kg (33lbs)7.3kg (16lbs)0.675kb (1.5lbs)
CertificationsETL, DLC (pending)ETL, DLC (pending)ETL, DLC
LED Lifespan> 50,000 hrs> 50,000 hrs> 50,000 hrs
Warranty5 years5 years5 years
Thermal Mgmt.Passive HeatsinkPassive HeatsinkPassive Heatsink
Controls0-10 dimming0-10 dimming
Input Voltage100 – 277 Volts AC | 347 – 480 Volts AC100 – 277 Volts AC | 347 – 480 Volts AC100 – 277 Volts AC
Power Consumption655 Watts320 Watts40 Watts
Efficacy2.31 or greater*2.31 or greater*130 Lumens Per Watt / 5200 Lumens
Distribution120 degrees120 degrees175 degrees
Body LensUltra-Clear Tempered GlassUltra-Clear Tempered GlassPolycarbonate Lens
Power Factor> 0.95> 0.95> 0.95
IP RatingIP66 WaterproofIP66 WaterproofIP65 Waterproof
OptionsCustom spectrums available. Remote mounted driver option.Custom spectrums available.Suspendible hangers.
CCT5500K (color temperature)
Additional NotesCold forged pure aluminum heatsink housingCold forged pure aluminum heatsink housingAluminum Heatsink Housing
*Relative to Spectrum
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