SpectraFX 320

SpectraFX 320: The Compact Yet Powerful Grow Light For Your Plants

The little sibling to the 650, the SpectraFX 320 offers the same quality construction and thoughtful engineering (full spectrum, ultra clear glass, heatsinks, and waterproof) in a smaller package. Ideally suited for smaller rooms or grow tent type applications, it has all of the same features that make the 650 an industry leader in lighting with excellent performance.

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Unlike the 650, it’s not powerful enough to be used both indoor or outdoor but Lumalex offers two different models with slightly different specifications tuned for either purpose. The 320I (indoor) and the 320G (greenhouse) with the difference being that the I model contains slightly more red to make up for being designed for indoor use only.

Built using the latest and greatest LED technology, the SpectraFX 320 Series also saves energy when in use and is largely recyclable, lowering the carbon footprint of the grower.

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