SpectraFX 650

SpectraFX 650: Better, Brighter Than Your 1,000-Watt Grow Light Set-Up


This LED fixture is engineered to not just cover the full spectrum of absorbable light but also provide the ‘Right Light’ with the perfect balance of blue and red wavelengths that maximize plant growth. Designed to be perfectly suited as part of greenhouse lighting or as the sole light source for indoor growing. It’s more efficient and provides better light than 1,000-watt lights can claim.

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On top of the light it emits, the SpectraFX 650 uses a specialized, ulta-clear tempered glass lens that allows for pure light transmission from the bulbs to the plant. Included in the design and manufacturing is a cold forged-aluminum heatsink housing, that provides superior heat dissipation which extends the service light of the fixture and keeps room temperatures nominal. Requiring little to no maintenance, it’s IP66 waterproof rating allows you to spray it cleaned in place if you wish.

The SpectraFX 650 is also one of the most environmentally friendly grow lights you can buy. It provides energy savings of over 40% compared to 1,000 set ups while also being almost 100% recyclable. Further, because it takes less power for more brightness, it produces less heat than standard 1,000-watt set-ups.

Engineered from the ground up to be the best, the Lumalex SpectraFX 650 is one of the most technologically advanced LED grow lights on the market. It is versatile enough to be the sole light of a grow operation or as part of a network of lights feeding plants optimized light waves.

Like the rest of the SpectraFX series, the 650 can be upgraded over time so that when leaps in LED technology happen you can take full advantage without buying a whole new lighting system. PCBs, drivers, and even bulbs can be upgraded to meet any commercial or industrial needs.

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